Fan mail on Totally 80s Radio


United States Of America

I'm am from the United States I live in New Richmond Wisconsin, What can I say except your station is amazing. Thanks for the full range of 80s hits. The 80s ads really take me back to when I was at universatory. I love Ray Gauthier's voice, he sounds very sexy!

Keep up the good work and speading the  word as fast as I can - Long live totally 80s radio. viva the 80s!

Fan mail on Totally 80s Radio


United Kingdom

Can you say hello to Ricky and Margaret who are driving down from Blanes on the Costa Brava right now to spend 4 days in Benidorm celebrating Anne Marie's 40th birthday( which is a surprise) when she gets there tomorrow
from Glasgow with the family...

We all love the variety of music and my children are avid listeners as they love all the 80s hits. Other stations play songs I've not heard, but yours plays one hit after another. Keep up the good work and thanks for the music.

ish Fan mial on Totally 80s Radio



Hi, Andy here from Glasgow, Scotland. Firstly can I just say I love your radio station. Being 50 years yound, every song brings back the memories. It makes me laugh when I hear the 80s adverts, especially the SMASH advert. My children ask for the station to be played in the car all the time and when we are in a bad signal area they moan that they can't listen to the station. Viva Totally 80s Radio. Thanks again and keep it up.

Australia Fan Mail on Totally 80s Radio



Hi totally 80's radio, is your awesome station in uk,because I listen to your station digital in Australia all the stations is all uk I listen because I'm from uk and moved to Australia ,and your station is number one I listen which brings lot of memories of uk.many freinds here in Australia loves your station after they asked me where to download now many people have downloaded and there freinds as well.they all give rating of 10/10 I give your rating 100/100 well done love your station.

Spanish Fan mail on Totally 80s Radio



Hey there,

I'm listening to you in Denia, Spain.
We are so glad to have found this station! I love the music and the shows. Thank you for making my work day so much enjoyable. My firends also like your station and now listens every day.

Play on and happy New Years :-)

Mexicab Fan mail on Totally 80s Radio



I write from Mexico and wanted to say how much I love your radio station. It's hard to get decent radio stations here but your radio station fullfuls me. The 80s music takes me back to when I was a little person. Thank you for keeping me happy on dark days and keeping the 80s alive.